Mortgage Loan Officer Secrets to an Easy Loan Approval and Closing

People spend a lot of time at loan officer school to become loan officers and it can in fact be a very rewarding time. Helping people buy their new homes can be fantastic and it can certainly enable you to feel good about yourself too. However, there are many secrets which buyers don’t know when it comes to buying a home of their own. A lot of buyers forget that approval and closing of a home takes time and that it’s not always plain sailing. The following are a few secrets to getting approval and making the closing easier for all.

Credit Is Taken Into Account So Clean It Up

Let’s be honest, lenders offering you a mortgage, whether small or large, are going to be very wary if you have defaulted on past loans and bills. It doesn’t look very good or responsible for someone to ask for a mortgage when they have constantly been late or defaulted on bills and loans in the past. The better your credit score is, the better the chances you have of being approved for a mortgage loan and to make the closing of a home that much simpler as well. Remember, during mortgage loan officer training, loan officers are taught that credit is the number one thing that’s looked at for any lender.

Using the Earnings to Mortgage Ratios

Loan officers will also take a very close look at how much money you make per month. They will look at all sources of income from your salary and any additional bonuses on top as well as investments, child support payments, pensions and everything else just to see if you’re eligible for a mortgage. They use the ratio of what you earn to what it’s going to take to pay the mortgage off and see if you will be approved for the loan. At loan officer school, students learn that you can’t take someone on face value but rather what they’re asking to borrow and how much they earn each month. Read more.

Do You Have Any Assets To Fall Back On?

There are a lot of costs with buying a home such as closing costs of a home, the lawyer’s fees for sorting everything out as well as the deposit to consider but what happens if there are unexpected costs? What about your ability to cover those costs? Loan officers look to see what assets you have, if any, should the unexpected happen. It can be something which makes approval goes that much quicker. Of course, if your assets are limited it doesn’t mean you’re rejected for a loan but rather the lender takes a very close look at you again to assess their risks. At mortgage loan officer training students have to read every situation differently and not judge everyone by how they have a lack of savings.

Approval Can Take Time

People who want to get a mortgage will say they’re definitely eligible for a mortgage loan and that they won’t have any trouble in getting one. However, that is not always the case. A lot of buyers aren’t pre-approved for a mortgage and have trouble with closing on a home too. It is a cause for concern which is why you have to approach lenders before you apply for a mortgage and see if (with them) you’re eligible for any mortgage. Loan officer school is tough and a lot of loan officers have to realize that it’s a tough job too. Check out this site:

Be Careful What You Sign – Mortgage Industry

Changes are inevitable in the mortgage industry. I can honestly say all the changes that have dropped recently have good intentions and aspire to keep ethical and moral lenders in business and get rid of lenders who may have built their business on the bait and switch philosophy or colluded with appraisers to inflate values of homes. Here is a brief introduction to some changes which may have already dropped the pipe and several that are still inside the works. Hire only an expert mortgage loan officer.

To avoid misleading borrowers and as a shoddy mortgage loan officer, a few that you get properly trained. There are two options, you may either get your education from conventional schools or seminars, or you can simply study online. But the idea that classes online are great does not mean actually healthy. You can weigh the options and pay attention to what type really works in your case. Most people will quickly realize the web training convenient but you can find those who will like the interaction that is included with traditional training. Mortgage loan officer training is termed better since take action at your own convenience in the comfort of your own home.

There’s a difference between prequalification and preapproval. These terms get thrown around a great deal, and they are different. Between the two, preapproval is best. Prequalification is much like telling credit officer about your financial predicament over the phone to see whether things jive using what you are hoping to perform. Preapproval is a full-blown credit check needed with verification of the assets and income. Because people always embellish their situation financially, a prequalification may not be accurate or offer much insight. It’s like asking a lender, “If I make concerning this much, and I have this credit score, and I am seeking to get that loan for so many dollars, do you consider I can receive the loan?” This is form of ridiculous: there is no basis for the bank not to imply “of course!” only to allow you to get in the office. For these reasons and much more, preapproval will be the best option; the numbers never lie once they look at your financials and appearance your credit, and when you are preapproved by way of a trustworthy lender, you can be confident that you’ll be capable of getting credit.

Here again, the lending company will almost certainly wonder why Las Vegas DUI attorney requires cash, although you may not. I’ve known a number of people who’ve pulled ALL the cash out with their equity lines because they were afraid they’d lose the line, or get it cut back tremendously due to decrease of equity. It is a desperate move, and lenders recognize this. They will glance at the history of your personal credit line, see when you pulled money and, count on it, they’ll want a reason.

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