Mortgage Leads For Today’s Loan Officers

The first thing you should do is always to discuss with home financing loan officer and find out simply how much of a home you can afford. If you’ve never gone through this before, it sounds intimidating. Don’t worry, it isn’t. Most of the process can be carried out over the phone in a short conversation where I go over your financial predicament and short and long-term goals. I take note of your wages, debts and occupation, your savings and what you’re trying to gain through getting a home. This first conversation helps me to discover not just how much of a loan you are able to qualify for, but what program works best for you and the situation. Sometimes, I see problems that can keep you against buying now, or which could mean the cost could be higher. When this happens, my goal would be to supply you with a map on what it is possible to do to solve these problems so that you are able to obtain a home in a very way that works for you. After initial pre-qualification, I should get documentation of the situation. This usually includes W2s, pay stubs and bank statement, possibly more determined by your position. I will then run your credit and place your loan through our automated underwriting system. At this point I have a full pre-approval, and realize that you’re well capable of buy a home. You are now absolve to search to get a new home.

If your mortgage is several years or much older than you currently are paying a better monthly interest than today’s prevailing interest rate. When you signed you existing mortgage the interest rate during those times determined what king of rate payable through the entire course of the loan. I can say you happen to be paying a greater interest with absolute confidence seeing as how interests have never been just these are today. Thanks to refinancing, you happen to be able to trade your existing mortgage for the brand new one and benefit from historic reduced rates. At least you are getting mortgage license to sum it up.

  1. The Qualification from the lender

When using a loan officer, you should make certain they’re well qualified to serve in this capacity. In most cases, lending officers will have Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance and other associated fields. You must avoid dealing with those of them without valid college degrees. It’s important you follow through when you engage any of them. It is important that you get an MLO license first before doing business.

The best lenders are the types that you will be described. TV commercials and lenders you will find on the internet are NOT COOL! These are shady lenders that could sell your details to other sources, or “get” you with a teaser rate that’s only available for perfect borrowers with spotless credit, who make a lot more money than you. On the other hand, your brother’s friend’s uncle that does loans part-time from his home office doesn’t fit the perfect description of a good loan officer either! It all relies on who you know, or whom you could possibly get linked to. More details in this post:

Prospects should like you and find out you as someone who brings value to their careers, somebody that can help and guide them across the road with their success. The second is the process itself because ultimately this is what grows the company which is what I teach. It is the system that will make or break your company.